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Goose Wohlt

Shamanic Guide

Energy Medicine Practitioner

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We all carry the unfortunate legacy of years of old conditioning and trauma starting from a very young age, which leave us with energetic blocks, repetitive patterns and narratives that bind us, block us, and prevent us from showing up as the fullest and deepest expression of who we came here to be.  


Over the last decade, I have worked with medicine men and women from cultures all around the world, as well as being initiated into traditional lineages, and certified in several forms of energy medicine. 


Now, as a practitioner of contemporary shamanism, the core of my work blends together these traditional and indigenous teachings and practices with the latest energy medicine modalities, in order to help bring about healing and wholeness to the cognitive, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual aspects of a person’s entire being. 


I love working with shamanic techniques as a way to clear these old stagnant blocks because they have been used and honed across generations for one simple reason -- they really work.  The medicine I carry and the guides I work with, assist me in working with sound, music, meditations, embodiment, mediumship, guided inquiry, and other tools to bring the fierce light of awareness and mindfulness into the deep recesses of the shadow.  These are powerful but practical techniques that get right to the root of our deepest wounds. 


It is truly an honor to be able to facilitate this healing work with all my heart.  If this work speaks to you, book a discovery session with me today by calling or texting 765.357.HONK, or visit

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