Samantha Simpson

Bowspring Yoga Practitioner



cOMe hOMe for Bowspring Yoga with Samantha Simpson

Explore and feel your body in a new way that taps into your natural and primal alignment that is your birthright as you learn to move with springy animal-like grace. Gain control of the mind/body in order to heal repetitive movement strain and release posturing habits that have encaged your body in a web of tight and painful fascia. Open common somatically closed areas of the body in order to evolve your mind, body, and soul.

The Bowspring is a radical and revolutionary postural template to apply universally to any yoga pose, athletic movement or any functional exercise for optimal performance, it is accessible to all people.

Benefits of a Bowspring practice

  • Physical: Narrowed waistline and lifted glutes, balance or myofascial system release stress on joints, reduction in pain, increased strength, flexibility, agility and grace in all movement.

  • Mind: Accountability, mindfulness, open to new ideas, discernment, increased focus.

  • Soul: Increased courage, positivity, compassion, authenticity, emotional intelligence.

Note: Due to the complexity of the form it is recommended to participate in at least 4 consecutive Bowspring classes before deciding if you wish to continue or cease the practice. Anyone can do Bowspring, but not everyone is “ready” for it. Because Bowspring opens somatically closed areas of the body understand that some people may experience intense emotions. Flexibility and yoga experience are not required to start a Bowspring practice, however patience and curiosity are required.

Tuesday's @ 7:00

Class options are......$17 for a drop in, $150 for a 10 class pass.

And for Brand New Bowspring Participants there's a deep discount of $47 for 4 consecutive classes

(these 4 classes must be taken consecutively).

Samantha Simpson's Bio
From a young age Samantha Simpson had an interest in the healing arts. As a child she experimented with stretches

and yoga poses. In 1994 she was formally introduced to yoga and she has been a devoted practitioner and teacher

of modern postural yoga asana ever since.

Samantha discovered the revolutionary Bowspring posture and movement system in 2017 and has since devoted her life to learning and sharing her passion for this healing modality. She is currently the only Bowspring teacher in Indiana, but hopes to inspire more to learn and teach this empowering and natural embodiment.

A fun fact is that Samantha is a devoted U2 fan and has been known to que for three days for a coveted front row spot at a concert. She has traveled as far as Paris to see them in the front row. Once, Bono even handed her his harmonica! She loves challenging herself with new athletic activities in the Bowspring posture such as acrobatics, ice skating, slackline walking, and dancing.