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Nedra Hiday

Bachelor's Degree in Business


Yoga Instructor

Craniosacral Therapist

Shiatsu Massage Therapist


Nedra Hiday
Nedra Hiday
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Nedra spent her formative years in Boston serving a thriving cultural metropolis through the lens of the natural foods store where she worked and studied.  She learned natural foods and macrobiotic principles and cooking while in Boston and then shifted her attention south to Florida and a more tropical food system, eventually completing studies at the University of Miami School of Business. During her early years in Florida, she learned to grow avocados, bananas, citrus, and more and to understand the rhythm of the tropics.  Nedra assisted in cooking at the Macrobiotic Foundation of South Florida and later cooked macrobiotic lunches for a South Florida Firm while completing studies in Acupuncture, Shiatsu Massage, and Herbal Training in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  During the twenty years, she spent serving the south Florida community as an acupuncturist she utilized her skills in TCM diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, Hand-balancing, Shiatzu Massage, herbal and vitamin therapy, and many more modalities related to body-oriented and sometimes mind-oriented training.  During this time, she also continued her studies in herbal cooking and blending, energy medicines, and bodywork including being certified as a Yoga Instructor by Kripalu in Lennox, Massachusetts, and studying Craniosacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute in Palm Beach, Florida.  She returned to Indianapolis for family and has been focused to continue service to humanity here at home.  Her goal is to be a  conduit for the light; self-discovery through service, and assisting the witness.  Her hobbies include growing things which is great fun!


The goal of Acupuncture is to re-set the system to a coherent state where self-regulation is optimized.  Note that the optimal state for learning is not relaxation; it is coherence.  I studied Acupuncture and Shiatzu Massage in Miami, Florida, and because my teachers were connected to the roots of these subjects we had the good fortune to study with many of the masters of the time and thus learn an eclectic array of acupuncture styles and thought.  One of the focused styles of acupuncture I found to enhance the whole system is Extraordinary Vessel Acupuncture.  I studied this system exclusively as a post-graduate in Acupuncture and Shiatsu Massage.  The Extraordinary Vessel System vibrates one or more of the eight original vessels of the human body.  They are the seas from which the twelve regular channels of Acupuncture flow and offer deep balancing and integration on many levels of self.  I found Battlefield Acupuncture techniques extremely successful for pain situations in the body and because of their effectiveness I studied this technique deeply.  When I encountered the Nada Protocol while studying Healing Community Trauma, I knew I wanted to offer a Nada Circle in my own community where a state of body coherence is offered to each individual in a natural, open group setting.

Nada Circle

Everyone who enters the circle will receive the same 5-needle auricular (ear) treatment in both ears with tiny micro-needles and sit comfortably for approximately 45 minutes.  Utilizing the same treatment for everyone allows the treatment to access the existing internal resources of each individual while promoting oneness.  This protocol allows the spirit to open up and tends to increase the process of recovery on the individual’s own schedule in a safe and controlled environment and has been known to help with sleep, anxiety, stress, physical pain, and emotional pain.  It is also known to promote relaxation and to assist with detoxification; not only detoxification of the body but also detoxification of the mind.  This is a quiet and reflective time, generally enjoyed in silence.

  • $22

Battlefield Acupuncture

Specialized Treatment focusing several minutes with one individual, usually reserved for people who are in pain or have suffered a trauma.  Battlefield Acupuncture uses Sedetelec needles placed in one or both ears that are retained for three days up to one week at a time. The needles in the ear look like tiny “studs”.  The needles either fall out on their own or may be removed and discarded after several days.  I have seen major pain totally extinguished with this protocol, although results and outcomes vary with each individual.

  • $33

Cooking for Seasonal Transition: Late Winter into Spring

A seasonal offering focusing on foods to enhance the now and foods and herbs specific to the energy of Late Winter and the transitory foods to best assist during the “transition times” into Spring.  We’ll explore Specific foods, spices, and herbs including recipes for specific foods discussed and herbal teas suggestions to use as support.  Herbal soups samples and tea samples may be available. Depending on interest we may explore the energetics of the season and how best to understand the strengths and the soft spots of each.

  • Special Event: Offering to be Announced

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