Marissa Heeter

Advanced Reiki Practitioner

Tarot Reader

Divine Sensuality Student

Conscious Menstruation Student

Cacao Ceremony Facilitator

Marissa Heeter
Marissa Heeter
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Marissa Heeter is an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Tarot reader, and a student of the sacred mysteries of Divine Sensuality and Conscious Menstruation. As someone who had spent a lot of time in intense healings, Reiki provided an avenue for healing that was gentle, loving, and not overwhelming. Marissa trained in Reiki in the traditional Usui Reyho Reiki lineage and honors her lineage by holding true to the tradition. She recently completed her Reiki Apprenticeship, where she honed her Reiki skills and deepened her meditation abilities under the instruction of her Reiki Master. Marissa has been giving Reiki to herself, friends, family, and clients since September 24, 2018 when she completed her Reiki 1 Training. In January 2019, after months of daily Reiki healing on herself, she completed her Reiki 2 Training. 


Gifted with clairauditory abilities, Marissa heard and connected to her mother from a past life, who awoke her senses to Tarot. After a couple years of study, the Universe aligned for her to work events as a Tarot reader. In these spaces, she gained immense knowledge of reading people’s energy in relation to the cards present, and attuned her intuition with the knowledge she had of the cards. She deepended her study by taking a Tarot course with a trusted teacher to further understand the specifics of the cards, their history, and varying spreads. Marissa has been providing clarity and insight with Tarot to friends, family, and any who come to her. 


Noticing her body needed more profound integration, she was led to learning embodied self pleasure through the Divine Feminine Mystery School in the Magdalene Rose lineage. Working one-one-one with her teacher, she underwent a deep initiation into the knowledge of conscious menstruation. As someone who’d experienced extreme menstrual pain, sexual assault and womb trauma, and lives in a state of disconnection from her body, she found immense healing and gained the tools to love and listen to her womb. She learned to channel into the Great Womb, the Cosmic Mother, and connect to the void of life and death. She honors the cycles, archetypes, and goddesses who represent Divine Feminity and embodies them each month. 


Throughout all of the experiences, Marissa learned to overcome the religious programming, fear, and resistance that would come up as she stepped out of her comfort zone and into her Soul’s truth. She learned that through meditation, reiki, tarot, yoga, and embodiment, she could heal herself in a safe container created by a teacher or healer. She hopes that the daily practices, rituals, and energy healing she learned can provide support to any who come across her path. She comes here, with open arms, humbled by Spirit, as a healer servant to act as a Guide. She creates a sacred container by which she empowers you to find your inner healer, and removes any energy blocking you from your Soul’s truth.


Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing.  I will use a light hands-on healing through which a "universal energy" is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the client in order to encourage emotional or physical healing. Before each session, we will discuss any concerns you have, or areas you’d like addressed. Reiki is not a religious experience, nor is it rooted in any religion. The benefits include deep relaxation, nourishment, and overall feeling of lightness afterward.


Energy Exchange: 

  • 30 minutes ~ $44

  • 60 minutes ~ $66

Clarity with Tarot

Tarot can be used to provide insight into major life decisions such as career, love, friendships, and family matters. If you feel you may need clarity in a particular situation, or perhaps feel a bit stuck or stagnant, the Tarot offers people a chance at a new perspective. If you’re looking to shift the vibe at a corporate event, party, or spiritual gathering, please send a message for event pricing.  It originally began as a game, so if you’re new and looking for a fun introduction to Spiritual practices, tarot is your friend. This includes time to discuss any area you’d like clarity and a 3 card spread with the option to open up the cards as needed. 

Energy Exchange: 

  • 30 minutes ~ $33

Cacao Ceremony

Come open your hearts with the loving Mama Cacao, sourced from off-grid permaculture in Guatemala, and be guided through a long, loving meditation with a crystal sound bowl. One World Cacao will be available for purchase at the ceremony.

Energy Exchange: 

  • $33