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Every human being has innate wisdom and the ability to heal themselves.  These abilities and gifts are unique to each individual.  When we knowingly and unknowingly mix, attach or give our energy to others, we are sometimes taken away from our inner knowing.  This can disempower and disconnect us from Source on our path to finding true joy, abundance and fulfillment in our lives.  It is specifically this disconnect where most, if not all, of human suffering manifests itself in the forms of mental, physical and spiritual dis-ease.  It is my intention to help open people back up to their inner guidance systems and re-empower them through accessing their own psychic and self-healing abilities.  I use a combination of open and truthful discussion combined with the tool of taro/oracle card messages to do this. The messages offered by the cards in combination with sincere dialogue bring forth the conscious and subconscious ways in which we are creating unnecessary chaos and drama in our lives.  It is through this process that, together, we can begin to shift perception of reality and find positive and meaningful ways of releasing that which no longer serves us in order to see and create a clear path towards what we want most from life.  For most of us, what we want most is to love and be loved unconditionally.  Everything else seems to falls into place when we have good, safe, supportive love as a constant in our lives.  


Personally, I have been on the path of doing this kind of work for myself and others with intention for over 10 years.  I have learned a great deal and most of it has been outside the  walls of traditional societal and institutional norms of what ‘learning’ means.  To me, this means that anyone has the capability (no expert training or credentials needed here :) to experience pure joy, love, abundance and everything else they desire if they are willing to do the work first and foremost on themselves.  My hope is to assist others on their individual paths while at the same time reduce the experience of pain and suffering as much as possible.  I believe if we can all begin to heal ourselves we can also start to conceive communities of like-minded people around us who also want better for themselves, their soul families and their children.   In this way, we can heal the world.  Tikkun Olam 

Kim Carlson


Taro Reading


15 Minute Taro Reading: $22

30 Minute Taro Reading: $55

Community 22; OM hOMe

6516 Ferguson St

Indianapolis, IN 46220

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