Community 22; OM hOMe

6516 Ferguson St

Indianapolis, IN 46220

Katelyn White

Energy Reiki Master

Meditation Leader

On The Journey 

Katelyn believes that we all have something to give... Sometimes we forget what that is... Sometimes we need some assistance figuring it out... Sometimes we need to heal from some of our previous family members junk before we can get there... But one thing is common, it's all in due time and comes along our journey. Everything is of our assistance; it has something to tell or show us. Sometimes we are aware and other times we are unaware of the things that happened in our previous generations but they impact our current life and our future generations, this is why it is important for Katelyn to help others along their journey.


Katelyn is not the healer, the healer is in each and every person; sometimes said person needs some encouragement/guidance. Katelyn uses her intuition and spiritual guides to help her during an energy Reiki session. Katelyn is excited to grow in her gifts and hopes to bring trauma informed, youth focused activities, gardening and other classes/workshops as well as drum circles  to the hOMe in the near future as well. All which are some of her favorite things she looks forward to share with the community.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki treats the whole person, including the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Think of it as an awakening experience for your soul-allowing the energies of Reiki to soothe your body, mind and spirit as you spend sacred time soaking in vibrant healing energy! A practitioner is the channel, not the healer; we're here to help you help yourself. During a session with Katelyn, she will help you get into a meditation state of mind and then provide Reiki, allowing time at the end to discuss anything that comes up during the session. 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions available  with intuitive connection/reading at the end.