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Do you believe it is possible to transform trauma and pain into wholeness and peace?


I am a survivor of 9/11 and living proof that it is unequivocally possible.  So much so, that helping others transcend their own trauma and personal pain has become my mission and purpose in life. 


Bearing witness to it all, I left my body that fateful day.  As an energy practitioner and body worker, I combine the tools that helped me get back into my body, to feel my feelings and to be an active participant in my own healing process to help my clients.  These include techniques such as One Light Healing Touch, Family Constellation, Myofascial Release and Trauma Touch Therapy.  Complimenting each other beautifully, each tool has its purpose, facilitating releases on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level to help clients get back to wholeness.

For me, I did not know that living a life full of joy was possible.  Maybe you can relate?  Through energy healing and body work, navigating life got easier, more peaceful. I got my passion back and you can too. I want to walk with you on the path of transcending your most painful experiences into deeper understanding, clarity and peace.


True transformation happens when you take the first step and commit to healing. Ready to release the trauma that has been holding you back? If so, let’s go deep and explore together to free you from the shackles that have been holding your body and mind hostage. My intention is to hold space, without judgement or anticipated outcome for my clients. I create sacred space allowing you to feel cared for, remain in your body and safe as you release old wounds, pain, triggers and experiences. 


Trauma Release

TRAUMA TOUCH THERAPY (Contact for rates)

Trauma Touch Therapy is a gentle body-centered process that creates a safe, client-driven environment where the client tunes into their body's natural wisdom, giving the body an opportunity to speak after being silenced. Body awareness is realized as the client experiences physical sensations. This creates a bridge between the body, mind and the present moment. Various therapeutic tools such as movement, breathwork and setting boundaries are utilized to connect to sensation. THe process creates an opportunity for the body to recover from the influence of the traumatic event, integrating new strategies for interacting with the world in a new, healthier, more empowered way. 


Trauma is anything that is perceived to be life-threatening. It doesn't matter how big or small, whether it was yesterday or three decades ago, the subconscious mind, body and nervous system remembers. Symptoms of trauma include but are not limited to: disengaged from life, being "on guard", anxiety, depression, loss of self, isolation, disassociation, feeling fragmented or physical pain. A session lasts approximately 60-90 minutes and is conducted in-person. Clients report being able to breathe with more ease, peacefulness and clarity about where they held tension in their body. 

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE (THE JOHN BARNES APPROACH) (60 min for $95 / 90 min for $120)

A gentle, yet, effective hands-on technique using light sustained pressure and prolonged holds to the connective tissue (fascia) where there is tension, pain and/or inflammation in the body. Fascial restrictions can be a result of trauma, injury or surgery; which compromises range of motion, increased inflammation, pain and a host of other issues. Myofascial Release lessens pain, increased mobility and movement. This modality can assist with TMJ, scoliosis, chronic pain, sinus issues, digestion, migraines, fibromyalgia, just to name a few. 


Energy Healing


Intuitive hands on healer with over a decade of experience. I am trained in over 33 advanced, powerful, sacred and spiritual energetic healing techniques from traditions worldwide. Using a spiritual prayer, I energetically connect with your guides and mine, working for your highest good to help release, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks and patterns that are preventing you from living your best life. This deep healing modality allows you to function from a more clear, grounded and peaceful state with a newfound sense of lightness and ease.


Energetic attachments can impact a building and its occupants. They can impact a person's energy level, health and other physical ailments with no explanation.  When attached to a home common experiences include items being moved, lost, noises, doors being opened by themselves or the feeling a presence of someone unseen.  When they impact a person they can have unexplained irritability, anxiety, negativity or anger.  These sessions are conducted remotely and a full session report is emailed after clearing is complete, detailing the energies that were cleared and their impact. 

AKASHIC RECORDS (60 min / $120)

This modality helps break patterns and blockages in many areas of life, such as personal/professional relationships, blockages with health, finances, addictions or other unhealthy patterns. Akashic Records are the blueprints to our soul and hold stored experiences and information from lifetime to lifetime. I work with your guides and ancestors making a connection with experiences in your life to facilitate healing and clearing at the deepest soul level. It works under the premise that some lessons are more challenging than others and helps to release the energy of the experience so the body and mind can heal. This modality powerfully shifts the energy of relationships, opens the way for more peaceful relationships, resulting in harmony and resolution. 


Ancestral Healing

FAMILY CONSTELLATION (1-1.5 hours / $120)

This modality provides resolution and generational healing. It is a gentle and unique way of exploring and healing traumas and experiences within the family system. Family Constellation provides information into generations by highlighting behavioral patterns, emotions and challenges. There is a subconscious undercurrent of energy passed down through the ancestral line. Making the connection between you and an ancestor, whether living or deceased, provides resolution and generational healing. 


Other Services


I offer BEMER Therapy sessions for improved vascular health and overall optimal circulation in the body. Go to karen.hellman.bemergroup.com for more information.


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To book a session and learn more about me, call 516.993.4779 or check out my website: spiritualwarriorwoman.com

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