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Born and raised in Zionsville, IN, I spent the first 18 years of my life in a relatively ‘standard American’ fashion; eating junk food, watching television, and yearning for something ‘more’ yet unsure what that ‘more’ was. 


Everything changed when I moved out to Colorado for a degree in philosophy, met some monks, joined them, and traveled the world learning and teaching all about our connection with God, nature, and our own true divinity. During those 8 years as a monk, I was afforded much time to study ‘longevity arts’ such as Qigong, Tibetan yoga, herbalism, and frequency-based healing modalities (sound wave healing, pulsed electromagnetic wave, etc). Eventually, I wanted to formalize my passion and education with a Master’s of Nutrition and Herbalism from Maryland University of Integrative Health.


My inner drive is to maximize our well-being on every level with simple yet effective practices and tools. Actually, ancient cultures knew how to do this effortlessly and I gain much wisdom from approaching such knowledge as found in current teachers, books, and lectures. After dedicating myself to my own healing journey some time ago, I have understood that first and foremost our health and well-being depend upon our spiritual connection, and everything else in our life will reflect such. Thus, it is imperative that we dig deep into the bottom of our soul, a little every day, and enter farther upon the path of Wisdom and Reality. Our mind and emotional body are the next level which need attending to, as mind/thought/emotion directly influence our body. Think of a very embarrassing moment in your life and watch as your cheeks become flush and red! That is practical proof of ‘mind over matter’! Managing the mind and our nearly endless thoughts and feelings is a full-time job and an inner responsibility for each one of us, but there are a few techniques and concepts which make the whole thing much easier and truly enjoyable!


Lastly, there is the physical body, which in reality is composed entirely of energy, of a slightly denser degree than mind. This dense-energy-body needs movement, natural elements, and conscious/thoughtful caring for on a daily basis, and again, old cultures knew the art of bodily maintenance to a high degree! Understanding the ‘how, when, why, and what’ of spirit/mind/body care and health is my total passion and I am so in love with sharing this information with everybody! Om Tat Sat!


Healing Sound Journey

Certain sounds have the ability to irritate and totally annoy us. On the flip side, other sounds have the ability to induce deep states of relaxation, altered states of consciousness, and profound inner healing. This ‘sound healing art’ was well-known to sages of yore and is seen to be implemented in every traditional culture. 


Utilizing wisdom and musical instruments from the world over, I take you on a journey within your own heart while simultaneously allowing the body complete and total relaxation for serious and spontaneous healing. My ‘tools’ of the trade range from didgeridoo, gongs, sound bowls, mantra, and more! This is truly a transformative journey and something to enjoy with your whole BEing!

  • Individual Sessions $125 for 1.5 hours 

  • Couples $188 for 1.5 hours

Herbal and Nutritional Consult

Following herbal tradition from Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese medicine paths, I first comprise a complete mind/body/spirit assessment including an extensive client intake and personal discussion of health goals. After this, I prescribe herbal/dietary regimen with focus on ease of compliance and client understanding. My goal is to make YOUR health exactly that, YOUR health, by educating you about the cause/effects which are playing a role in your body/mind/spirit and how you can, after owning full responsibility, make positive, gradual changes which have lasting, positive impact. Typically, I like to do a full 2 hour initial intake with one or two follow-up appointments, as needed. Herbs and diet are often over-looked in our modern “instant gratification” society, but these are in fact the basis of all true health and wisdom!

  • Initial consult + 1 follow-up – 150$

  • Follow-up (after initial consult) – 60$

Qigong Classes

Closely following tradition, I teach personalized Qigong techniques catered to your specific needs/desire. Ranging from external bodily Qigong methods to internal Neigong (meditative Qi cultivation), breathing techniques, Qigong self-massage and more, there will be a wealth of information, practical application, and strong experience of Qi cultivation! This is not to be missed and is an integral part of a healthy, long-life! Truly, herbs and diet are powerful but management of our vital force (Qi) is the ‘actual work’. Thinking of our body as an automobile, it is very necessary to put the best quality fuel and oil into the machine, yet without having a battery to start the car and get everything running, we will not move past our parking spot! Qi is the vital energy of the body, which we gather unconsciously via breathing, eating, and sleeping. Qigong, literally meaning “cultivating Qi”, is the art of nourishing, storing, and building powerful Qi, which affects all areas of our life!

  • Private session – 50$/hr


Just like it sounds, these are areas of life which I have been able to study and learn firsthand with living gurus! Just shoot me a message!