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Voices Live On is helping the Om Home community and the Stories of its people Live On to inspire today and motivate into the future. The audio files below were taken during our grand opening event on April, 20th, 2019. If you did not have a chance to join us at our grand opening these interviews will help you understand the magic that happened that day! 

Voices Live On is a life stories & appreciation messages interviewing service. Voices Live On helps people, couples, kids, families, businesses, non-profits & communities create libraries of life stories, chapter by chapter, through guided conversations! These interviews help capture life interviews, topic by topic, as deeper questions are asked. Listen to each chapter segment at a time. You will also hear inspiring steps to success, favorite memories and messages for others who are alive or to honor the people who have gone.

Voices Live On will be packaging our Interview services with the OM hOMe services by creating story telling events, healing and interviewing recordings so that we can save them for all to keep forever. Contact us if you would like to get involved with this amazing offering within the OM hOMe, we would love to hear your inspiring messages, stories and events!

Your Voice can Live On in 2 Ways!

  1. Walking people through their Inspiring life stories in segments, creating their LIBRARY OF LIFE that will increase family communication today & inspire future generations.

  2. Collecting the favorite memories and messages of appreciation from multiple people for a person or a couple to listen to today, know they    made an impact, and LISTEN to them Forever!

You choose topics and Voices Live On asks the questions. Your guided conversations will be saved as segments in the cloud. Your audio links can be emailed, shared, saved and passed on!

If you would like your voice to live on with stories of the OM hOMe, some of the questions you may be asked are below.

  1. How did you hear about the Om Home?

  2. What inspires you to connect with your inner self?

  3. What Activities do you do to better or center yourself?

  4. Who motivates you Most?

  5. What Classes are you interested in?

  6. Who do you appreciate Most?

Interviews can be in person or over the phone and Voices Live On with email you your segment as well as follow up with a call to find out how else they can help you. 

Visit VoicesLiveOn.com for more information!