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Cacao Ceremony

(Ceremony led by Madison and Patrick West)

Cacao, once considered the Food of the Gods in Aztec and Mayan societies, has made it to our door. Known for it’s ability to open the heart and ignite our spirits, this cacao will lead you with strength and courage. The cacao we use is made from heirloom stands, sustainably grown, fermented, and roasted to perfection- still containing all of its healthy fats with no additives! We will be holding a Cacao ceremony to celebrate your transformation into the new intentional you. 

Drum Circle

(Full Moon)

Drumming is an Ancient, primal, grounding, healing expression of LOVE and sound and good vibes that bring folks together on multidimensional levels, for the benefit of us all. What better way to set some intentions and receive the most from the energies brought forth by the power of the Full Moon?

Hatha Yoga

(Led by Elise Cleland)

COMe drop into your body, open and stretch with Elise Cleland as she leads us in Hatha Yoga.

Healing Ancestral Wounds

(With Karen Hellman)

In every family, there is an undercurrent of energy that gets passed down through the ancestral line. Unresolved issues in the family line, family “secrets” and traumas experienced by your ancestors may unknowingly be carried from previous generations and may be impacting your life. This can lead to health issues, challenging relationships, career and even financial difficulties. Making the connection between you and an ancestor, whether living or deceased, provides resolution and generational healing.

Join Karen Hellman, Family Constellation facilitator, as she guides you through an interactive process and gentle way of uncovering hidden dynamics and healing trauma and experiences in the family line. Using a group process where participants “represent” family members, allows the safe witnessing and surfacing of unhealthy family patterns and invisibility of past generational traumas to become visible, viewing disruptive life events from a new and healthy perspective. This allows the entanglements to be released, letting love, compassion and understanding flow within the family.

Holding Space for Love and Truth

(With Wendell Fowler)

Your earth suit is an antenna to divinity. How can we live in alignment with divinity If our antenna is corrupted by poor, low-vibe nutrition? The quality of our food choices, determines the quality of our aliveness and connectivity to source, angels, messengers, guides, and ancestors. Raise your frequency with earth’s sacred medicines and receive your strongest signal from the universal energy field… with a plant-based diet.

When you join our circle of truth seekers and awakening souls without fear of judgement, something magical happens. We can freely speak our truth, share and gain knowledge, clarity, a sense of peace and acceptance, we feel loved and supported.

Wendell shares how a high energy plant-based diet makes our earth suit's trillions of cells highly efficient antennas to the flow of cosmic energy, the Great Spirit, angels, messengers, ascended masters, the Akashic records, and our ancestors who teach, love and support us. All we have to do is feed our cells from earth.... and ask.

Kambo Ceremony

Kambo reaches into your body for a full physical, emotional, and mental cleanse. Kambo is typically known for its effects on inflammation, infertility, chronic pain, depression, infections, and anxiety. Kambo peptides have the potential medical uses to treat cancer, Alzhiemers, AIDS, hepatitis, and migraines. This secretion is from Phyllomedusa bicolor, also known as the Giant Green Monkey tree frog. The medicine is administered  by a Practitioner following traditional Kambo ritual. Kambo is legal in the United States and is not hallucinogenic. It is one of the most effective and natural antibiotics in the world and compares to none for its deep cleansing therapy. For more information, please contact Allison Harris (317) 847-4325.

Liquid Motion 

(Led by Jade Solano)

Liquid Motion is a movement-based flow art. It can be performed as a low flow/floor or high flow/standing exercise. It was designed to allow movement in the body's natural planes while connecting us deeper to our body awareness. In each class, we will set an intention for our flow. The instructor will guide participants through a sequence or series of moves. As we move in Liquid Motion, we find ourselves in a flow state, allowing our body to move freely through feeling. There is no wrong way to approach Liquid Motion. The movements are based on what feels right to YOUR body. To end class, you can choose to free-flow or breath with your intention in mind.

Magical Wellness Clinic

(Held by Indiana Licensed Acupuncturist, Bethany Gray)


This clinic will utilize Miriam Lee’s Magical (also known as Great) 10 Needle Treatment. Miriam Lee, a pioneer of acupuncture in the U.S., created protocol after many years of research. These 10 points have be used over and over to successfully ease the the symptoms of numerous ailments. Because the points work with the body to initiate its own healing abilities, there is no limit to what can be addressed.

NADA Clinic

(Held by Indiana Licensed Acupuncturist, Bethany Gray)

This community style acupuncture clinic utilizes the NADA detox protocol. “NADA”, taken from the Spanish word meaning nothing, is a non-verbal approach to healing with acupuncture. It originated in addiction facilities as a protocol for recovery, but has many benefits to overall health. Some of these benefits include; reduced cravings in general, decreased withdrawal symptoms, increased calmness, better sleep, less agitation, relief from stress and emotional trauma, and discovery of inner quiet and strength.

wOMban's Prenatal Yoga 

(Led by Jean Arnold)

Enter our Nest for prenatal yoga to nurture your whole self: body, mind and spirit. These lovely and fun classes are designed to be safe for all! This practice can Prepare the way for future pregnancy, help mitigate effects of fertility treatments and train the body to move in a relaxed breath-synchronized way to prepare for labor, a beautiful birth and parenthood.

Classes contain grounded floor work, pranayama, strength-building/maintaining postures, pregnancy-appropriate twists, inversions and finish always with guided relaxation and meditation. Jean advises how to modify all postures to intensify or ease depending on your changing body.

Jean brings decades of experience to the mat and has direct experience of birthing four babies without drugs or interventions. Her experience as a childbirth educator carries over in to her teaching so you will learn to trust your body and surrender to the birth process by increasing your understanding of its physiology and mind-body cooperation.

We invite you to join before, early or even late in pregnancy. Partners are welcome in support of their wOMen though the class will remain wOMb-centric in its focus. We look forward to Nesting with you. Om Shantih, Gentle Mother, Namaste.

Thirsty Thursday's

Thirsty Thursday's is an ongoing class offered on a weekly basis to meet the needs of our Community and help quench what it is we truly thirst. The 1st Thursday of the month we rotate through teachers of all subjects pertaining to Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. 

The 2nd Thursday of the month we offer a Young Living Essential Oils class from 7:00-8:00 and from 8:00-9:00 we hold space for a Community Women's Circle presented via a live webinar taught by Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pierce, the creators of Sacred, the Yoga of Intimacy, and the authors of 'The Awakened Woman's Guide to Everlasting LOVE.' Each month we rotate topics pertaining to Sacred Partnership. The 3rd Thursday of the month will be participating with the Broad Ripple Community and hosting an 'Art Walk', featuring the Art of our own practitioners, other local Artists, and the work of Visual Artist, Jheferson Saldana Valera from Peru. The 4th Thursday of the month we will rotate through teachers of all subjects pertaining to Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. 

Wim Hoff Method Workshop

(Led by Christina and Troy) 

Learn how to distress, master your monkey mind and crush your fear and limiting beliefs.  Using ancient techniques that have been modernized to learn how you can become your best self! Put yourself in the expert hands of a trained practitioner to learn the how to control the mind, stress, and adapt!  We will go over Breathing Techniques, Cold Exposure & Commitment. Find out how you can utilize oxygen and cold exposure to optimize body & mind, and learn about the underlying physiology. The intimate quality allows for ample personal attention, and feedback tailored to your specific situation. Whether you are looking to improve mental or physical performance, relieve symptoms related to an illness, or are just curious to find out what the Wim Hof Method is all about— a WHM workshop offers something for everyone.

You will need:
Comfortable clothing, flip flops, swim wear, a towel, and a good attitude :)


  • If you are pregnant or have epilepsy you cannot practice.  If you have any major heart/health conditions please consult a physician before practicing.

  • This is a full sensory experience so please refrain from wearing any perfumes/colognes, essential oils, or scented skin care products.

What can I do to prepare for the workshop?
It's highly suggested to take some cold showers in the weeks before the workshop. This will allow you to know how your body reacts in the cold. For this, simply turn on cooler water at the end of your warm shower for 15 sec to start. Then gradually do it colder and longer up to 60 sec. You do not have to submerge your head.

What can I bring into the event?
Bring a light dinner or a snack. Nothing heavy. Bring water or something to drink if you like.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Troy can be reached at

This experience will be led by Troy and Christina

Troy Marchand
Life Coach and Business Mentor
Trained in Wim Hof method, transcendental meditation, and business mastermind.
Founder of Internal Bliss Coaching and Dream Revolution.

Christina Cox
Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor
Trained in Wim Hof Method, spiritualism, and business owner. Founder of Internal Bliss Coaching and Dream Revolution.