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Across the Universe Sound Immersion

(Class led by Wendy Morrison)

Imagine an unique combination of Sound (gongs, crystal pyramid, tuning forks, chanting) with guided meditation, crystal energy, divine processes and blessings to bring us into states of Awakening and open our hearts to the infinite possibilities of the Universe.  And maybe some Beatles <3  *This gathering will be held in the Rose Room, OM hOMe's beautiful meditation room and limited to 10 participants*


(Class taught by Paula Romero)

AcroYoga has spread rapidly across the US over the past decade due to the joy experienced when we first get to play with others, whether it's having someone on your feet or being on someone's feet! There is something special about being elevated, your weight off your feet yet in a calm state. All three partners in the equation (bases, flyers, and spotters) play a crucial role that you will get to experience learning poses, building strength and flexibility all in a safe environment. You'll learn the basic poses, how to link them as well as various stretches after a warm up designed to introduce to our terminology. But most importantly, you'll get to play and build a community around you. 


Paula Romero has been practicing AcroYoga for four years, standing partner acrobatics for two and Russian Bar for one. Paula found "acro" after years off gymnastics wanting to fulfill the itch for learning through play - being too serious has never helped anyone in the long term. Paula has performed at local festivals like the Broad Ripple Art Fair and done demos for various groups including corporate

and community events.

Come with an open heart, no experience or partner required! AcroYoga is accessible to anyone and everyone. 

Aquaponics Workshop

(Class taught by Andrew Richardson)

Aquaponics is a sustainable method of raising both fish and vegetables. It is popular with individuals, entrepreneurs, educators, missions and governments. With this type of indoor farming, you grow substantially more food with less water, land and labor than traditional agriculture.It also provides wellness and better nutrition.


This class will be taught by Andrew Richardson.

'I will be talking about how to build an aquaponic system. Ever since I was 20 years of age I have been fascinated by aquaponics and everything that goes along with having a system. At 20, I moved to Hawaii and lived next door to a town that has one of the most complete and knowledgeable aquaponic stores in the country. There I set up my first system and became very motivated to learn as much as I could about building successful systems. After 2 years I moved from Oahu to the Big island of Hawaii, where I started a business called Big Island Aquaponics. Soon after, a local farmer’s market recognized me and asked me to build a large system to display at the market. My experience in the business has enabled me to create many different builds and I have come up with many good ideas about creating a successful aquaponic system. I will be sharing some of these ideas with you at the Aquaponics workshop!'



(Classes taught by Kelsey Davis)

A ballet-inspired low impact class offering toning, strengthening core work, lengthening stretches and nourishment for the soul.

All workout levels welcome!

Belly Dancing with Judy

(Classes taught by Judy Hanna)

Judy Hanna Rocks the Belly Dancing World, and makes it so easy to learn, it's so much FUN! Come get your grove on!!!

Be The Bullfrog

(Led by Abigail Olsen)

Be the Bullfrog is a sound meditation community gathering that encompasses sound and light integration for a deep meditation, allowing vibration to be our medicine using our breath, movement, heart sutra chanting, gong, and chakra balancing crystal singing bowl guided visualization. Let’s open our hearts together as we experience sound and color as one. Allowing our true essence and vibration be our own medicine using our breath, heart sutra chanting, chakra balancing crystal bowl guided meditation and movement. We often take for granted our breath. Possibly not knowing we can use breathing as a true healing application. 


The power of the breath and how it sustains us is a vital method for balancing and opening ourselves to align Chakras. Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel or disk. They are spinning wheels of energy light. They have the loving duty of emanating energy to keep us balanced. We often go about our day unaware we are not functioning at optimum capacity due to 1 or all of the 7 chakras being blocked. Chanting is another way of opening our hearts and dropping into the body to prepare for mediation as well as balancing our chakras. Chanting the heart sutra in the ancient language of Sanskrit in its self is an enlightening experience. In India, Sanskrit is considered a divine language spoken by gods and capable of connecting us with the transcendent. 

Sound holds everything. Everything vibrates at a specific frequency in different levels of consciousness in reality, including the human body and its energy systems - Chakras and Auras. Crystal bowls transmit energy into the atmosphere, filling a person's aura with vibrational radiance which translates into the seven main colors of the rainbow. We will be bathing ourselves in the purest sound which generate deep feeling of wellness, relaxation, and deep meditative states. This can lead the body into a place of homeostasis, which assists the body in self-generative healing. One can, also, explore deeper into the inner dimensional self as well as experience greater connective journey of wisdom and understanding.

Cacao Ceremony

(Ceremony led by Madison Arnold)

Cacao, once considered the Food of the Gods in Aztec and Mayan societies, has made it to our door. Known for it’s ability to open the heart and ignite our spirits, this cacao will lead you with strength and courage. The cacao we use is made from heirloom stands, sustainably grown, fermented, and roasted to perfection- still containing all of its healthy fats with no additives! We will be holding a Cacao ceremony to celebrate your transformation into the new intentional you. 

Communication Angel Diet

(Led by Wendell Fowler)

Spiritual community Elder, Wendell Fowler’s mission is to teach a disconnected-from-earth world the personal power obtained from becoming a healthy, energetic cell in the body of the whole of all that is. To vibrate at our highest frequency. There are many peaceful world cultures who eat a plant-based diet and rely on Gaia / Pachamama for food, medicine, and knowledge from sacred teacher plants.

Chef joyfully teaches:

  • To reconnect to earth and themselves to unshadow their light.

  • To become the supreme satellite dish / WIFI for spiritual connectivity with angels, ancestors, and spirit guides by reconnecting to a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

  • To lovingly nourish the holy temple earth suit with the energy of high-vibrating, plant-based foods exploding with vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals from the kaleidoscope of Earth’s garden apothecary.

  • To nourish and fortify their trillions of cellular antennas with foods that speak their language. Can’t build and sustain a quality antenna without proper tools

  • To become divine, receptive antennas to the akashic record.

  • To fortify the quality of day-to-day living and staying in the universal flow of love and communication.  

 “When you eat the energy from plant foods from the Celestial Apothecary, The Farmer’s Market, you can feel the subtle vibrational energy pervade your entire temple body, giving vibrant life to every organ and cell.” Fowler is the author of: “Eat Right Now: The End of Mindless Eating,” “Eat Right Now 2.0: It’s All About the Food,” and Eat Right Now: Diet for Kinder Gentler Planet,” and Eat Right Now 4.0: Earth Suit Maintenance.”  From Alaska to New Hampshire, chef’s NAMPA award winning “Eat Right Now” syndicated column is a voice for thousands of beautiful, awakening souls. Chef hosts a weekly podcast is a regular contributor on FOX 59 as well. Visit Wendell's website for more information: 

Dive Within Workshop

(Led by Dr. William Starsiack)

We will use Pranayama, Meditation, Asana Practice, Ecstatic Dance, Yoga Nidra, and Visualization to empower the Light that we are. During this 6 hour Ascension of Consciousness, we will draw on Ancient Spiritual Tools to uplift our energy, to raise our Frequency. 

Divine Goddess Within Circle

(Lead by energy practitioner, artist and Reiki master Colleen Murphy)

Raise your vibrational frequency, clear your chakras, and become balanced, centered and grounded from the experiences of the Circle which include a Gratitude Circle, Angel Card Reading, Guided Meditation and Healing Circle each month. Colleen will share many spiritual tools to help you through this rapidly changing time (physically and energetically) on our planet. Join the powerful company of Angels and Sister Goddesses as we call in the Divine Feminine healing energies for our Circle, our beloved Mother Earth and for all of humanity.

The Mission of the Divine Goddess Within Circle ~ To assist and support women in connecting to Source and with each other and to nurture the Goddess Within in order to heal ourselves, humanity, and Mother Earth, helping to bring the divine feminine energy to our world and co-creating (with Source) our lives to reach our highest potential.

Drum Circle

(Full Moon)

(led by Katelyn White)

Drumming is an Ancient, primal, grounding, healing expression of LOVE and sound and good vibes that bring folks together on multidimensional levels, for the benefit of us all. What better way to set some intentions and receive the most from the energies brought forth by the power of the Full Moon?

Empowered Empath

(Led by Tonya Parham)


What is a empath? What does it mean to be intuitive? Each week we will explore different aspects of what this means. A lot people do not know they are aware they have this gift and do not know what to do with it. We will have brief discussions, show some techniques about shielding energy and honing on light, as well as explore some intuitive exercises to strengthening your spiritual muscles. Monthly, I will invite a guest to lead the class to share their experience and wisdom on how they approach energy.  At the end of every class I will do give a 5 min Reiki Session on each person to clear chakras and get ready for the rest of the week.

Facial Beauty Harmonics Workshop

(Instructed by Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett)

Facial Beauty Harmonics is a proprietary technique developed by Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett, creator of AromaSounds®. Dr. Bonds-Garrett combines western and eastern medicine to bring the world integrative and conventional options in a safe manner. Dr. Bonds-Garrett’s emphasis is to create energetic balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. You can expect to gain an understanding of how to use the tools, facial products and the science behind this technique. The result is a healthier and more beautiful YOU!

THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 2019, 9:00am-6:00pm; This class includes 8 hours of training on the use of tuning forks on facial muscles, including unique and specialized instruction on wrinkles.

FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2019, 9:00am-6:00pm; This class includes 8 hours of training on the use of color lights on facial muscles, including unique and specialized instruction on using these tools on acne and blemishes.

TUITION: $200 for one day, $350 for both days

Bernadette Williams, MASI, FCCI, CRHS, CAC, LSH

Food and Divine Connectivity

'We Are Antennae'

(With Sandi and Wendell Fowler)

Are you misunderstood?  Feeling disconnected and alone? In poor health? Desire a clearer connection with the great spirit, your angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, the Akashic, and ancestors? Your diet and spiritual batteries could need a recharging.  Need a safe place to speak your truth?  When you join our circle of truth seekers and awakening souls without fear of judgement, something very beautiful happens. Loved and supported, we can freely speak our truth, share, grow, gain knowledge, clarity, a sense of peace and acceptance. Sandi performs a beautiful guided meditation opening up each chakra and Wendell shares how plant-based foods makes our earth suit's trillions of cells highly effective antennas to the energies of the, the Akashic records, and our ancestors who teach, love and support us. All we have to do is....ask.

Guiding Arts Meditation

(Led by Abigail Olsen)

Guiding arts mediation is a group or one on one session incorporating guided meditation to help tap in ones inner artist to become aware of the passion and talent one possess, as well as help one to explore deeper into the inner dimensional self as well as experience greater connective journey of wisdom and understanding through writing, stretching, and painting, etc. Materials will be provided. 

Hatha Yoga

(Led by Elise Cleland)

COMe drop into your body, open and stretch with Elise Cleland as she leads us in Hatha Yoga.

Healing Ancestral Wounds

(With Karen Hellman)

In every family, there is an undercurrent of energy that gets passed down through the ancestral line. Unresolved issues in the family line, family “secrets” and traumas experienced by your ancestors may unknowingly be carried from previous generations and may be impacting your life. This can lead to health issues, challenging relationships, career and even financial difficulties. Making the connection between you and an ancestor, whether living or deceased, provides resolution and generational healing.

Join Karen Hellman, Family Constellation facilitator, as she guides you through an interactive process and gentle way of uncovering hidden dynamics and healing trauma and experiences in the family line. Using a group process where participants “represent” family members, allows the safe witnessing and surfacing of unhealthy family patterns and invisibility of past generational traumas to become visible, viewing disruptive life events from a new and healthy perspective. This allows the entanglements to be released, letting love, compassion and understanding flow within the family.

Heart Math Resilience Techniques

(With Virginia Biasizzo)

Resilience is the capacity to prepare & recover easily from  stress, challenge. & adversity. We will be using EM wave heart math technology, a tool that measures heart brain coherence. NICE! In this class, You'll learn how to Access more energy on demand, Manage energy output efficiently, & plug energy leaks. Everyone will experience a live Heart Coherence outpouring using the latest Heart Math Technology. Brought to you by Virginia Biasizzo.

Hip Hop Harmony

(Beginning Level Dance Class taught by Jamie Corydon)

 When we dance we ignite the curiosity of our bodies to become the rhythm, become the music. We invite the pulse to allow us to discover new forms of expression, to help us communicate primal energy and passion. We will come together to move and express ourselves in rhythm as inspired by street dance and breakdance.  Each week we will use the 4/4 beat breakdown of hip hop to build our vocabulary of movement. 

We will play with creative step patterns of Toprock and begin exploring floor work to lead toward the path of Downrock. 

Holding Space for Love and Truth

(With Sandi and Wendell Fowler)

Your earth suit is an antenna to divinity. How can we live in alignment with divinity If our antenna is corrupted by poor, low-vibe nutrition? The quality of our food choices, determines the quality of our aliveness and connectivity to source, angels, messengers, guides, and ancestors. Raise your frequency with earth’s sacred medicines and receive your strongest signal from the universal energy field… with a plant-based diet.

When you join our circle of truth seekers and awakening souls without fear of judgement, something magical happens. We can freely speak our truth, share and gain knowledge, clarity, a sense of peace and acceptance, we feel loved and supported.

Angelic Sandi performs a beautiful guided chakra meditation to open up blockages caused by everyday life and Wendell shares how a high energy plant-based diet makes our earth suit's trillions of cells highly efficient antennas to the flow of cosmic energy, the Great Spirit, angels, messengers, ascended masters, the Akashic records, and our ancestors who teach, love and support us. All we have to do is feed our cells from earth.... and ask.


(Instructed by Kelei Leak)

Come on a journey with Hypnotist Kelei Leak and our inner artist.  Do you think you are not artistic?  Are you Artistic with an endeavor that you put down and haven't finished? Are you starting an artistic project and would like to get going on it?  Then come this this class!!  The class will start with a wonderful Hypnotic session where we relax and move into our creative right brain.  This allows us to tap into our creative selves exploring colors, shapes,  mediums, & feeling.  It also allows us to shut down the critical editors in our heads, freeing us up to flow creatively.  This class is about creative expansion.  I will have art paper, paints, brushes, colored pencils, adult coloring books, glitter plastic bags for those who consider themselves not artistic. Those who are more artistic bring what you are working on or want to create (bring your own supplies).   Enjoy this creative swirl and the joy of sharing our Hypnotic Artistic Journey together. 


(Instructed by Kelei Leak)

Think of a Good Dream, or pray to remember a new Dream, and bring it with you to class. As we will have Kelei Leak, creator of Enlightened Stops Hypnosis, leading us into our Dreams. This is a Dream analysis class designed for participants to bring a Dream to share and then analyse within the group. We will learn to work with our own intuition to claim our own definitions of the imagery, colors, words, and locations.  

Insight Meditation

(Led by Ryan Hastings)

Insight Meditation is a type of meditation rooted in the early teachings of the Buddha.  By cultivating a mindfulness practice, we come to learn how our minds work and how to end the stress and suffering we create for ourselves, to bring about complete liberation of the heart and mind.  This is a study and practice group of peers interested in meditating and exploring the teachings of the Buddha and applying them to our lives to bring about profound transformation and healing. We begin with 20 minutes of sitting meditation, followed by 10 minutes of walking meditation, and another 20 minutes of sitting meditation.  Then comes a Dharma Talk followed by discussion either on the topic for the night or on some aspect of our practice.

Ryan Hastings has nearly 30 years of experience in Buddhist meditation and practice.  He has been on nearly a dozen retreats.  He took refuge and the precepts from Thich Nhat Hanh's nephew Chan-Huy in 2012, and has passed level one classes at Chung Tai.  He will be recommended for the next cycle of Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader trainings.

Kambo Ceremony

(Led by the only Certified Kambo Practitioner in IN, Luda Davis)

Kambo reaches into your body for a full physical, emotional, and mental cleanse. Kambo is typically known for its effects on inflammation, infertility, chronic pain, depression, infections, and anxiety. Kambo peptides have the potential medical uses to treat cancer, Alzhiemers, AIDS, hepatitis, and migraines. This secretion is from Phyllomedusa bicolor, also known as the Giant Green Monkey tree frog. The medicine is administered  by a Practitioner following traditional Kambo ritual. Kambo is legal in the United States and is not hallucinogenic. It is one of the most effective and natural antibiotics in the world and compares to none for its deep cleansing therapy. For more information, please contact Luda Davis at (317) 473-2373. 

"Loving Yourself"

6-week course

(Led by Katelyn White)

It’s time we return back home to ourselves and our innerbeings, so that we will be able to serve ourselves, our partner(s), our families/children, and our communities in a more heart centered manner-with true, authentic unconditional love.

Over the next 6 weeks, we’ll dive into:

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-care

  • Pure love

Upon completion of the 6 week course you will:

  • Have tools that you can use every day when conflict arises

  • Tools on how you will remain balanced in those moments

  • An innerstanding of where you are in your journey and how this will help you in your healing process

The 6-week course will be hosted at OM Home (Broadripple) on Sunday’s 12:30 - 2:00pm, starting October 27th.

The course also includes:

  • Early registration gifts

  • Journal

  • Three (3) 60 min one-to-one energy sessions throughout the 6-weeks

  • Homework over the 6-week course

If you sign up before October 13th and pay in full, you will get first priority of scheduling one-to-one energy sessions, a personalized journal, and an essential oil.

Please note:

  • Majority of the class will be taking place on the floor/yoga mats and bolsters, with chairs available for anyone needing one.

  • This is a sacred space to be held and respected by all attendants and teachers. We are here to hold space and share our journey with each other and those unable to maintain this honor will be excused from the class/course with no refund provided. 


To register please contact Katelyn directly at (317) 748-3863.

Magical Wellness Clinic

(Held by Indiana Licensed Acupuncturist, Bethany Gray)


This clinic will utilize Miriam Lee’s Magical (also known as Great) 10 Needle Treatment. Miriam Lee, a pioneer of acupuncture in the U.S., created protocol after many years of research. These 10 points have be used over and over to successfully ease the the symptoms of numerous ailments. Because the points work with the body to initiate its own healing abilities, there is no limit to what can be addressed.

NADA Clinic

(Held by Indiana Licensed Acupuncturist, Bethany Gray)

This community style acupuncture clinic utilizes the NADA detox protocol. “NADA”, taken from the Spanish word meaning nothing, is a non-verbal approach to healing with acupuncture. It originated in addiction facilities as a protocol for recovery, but has many benefits to overall health. Some of these benefits include; reduced cravings in general, decreased withdrawal symptoms, increased calmness, better sleep, less agitation, relief from stress and emotional trauma, and discovery of inner quiet and strength.

Pack the Home

'Bring a Friend Community Acupuncture'

(Held by Indiana Licensed Acupuncturist, Bethany Gray)

Indiana Licensed Acupuncturist, Bethany Gray will hold a community style acupuncture clinic in which two people will receive acupuncture for $33 on Saturday, August 3 from 3pm-4pm ($33). Share the gift of acupuncture with someone you love. This clinic will utilize the ultimate relaxation acupuncture protocol which not only feels amazing, but will prepare your body to receive future treatments on a whole new level.

Past Life Regression Workshop

(Instructed by Kelei Leak)


We will go on a hypnotic journey into our pasts and collect whatever our souls bring fourth for us to review.  Kelei Leak's intent is to take you through 2 or 3 journeys'.  I will provide a worksheet for you to document your discoveries and connect your karmic threads.   Indiana Licensed Acupuncturist, Bethany Gray will hold a community style acupuncture clinic in which two people will receive acupuncture for $33 on Saturday August 3 from 3pm-4pm ($33). Share the gift of acupuncture with someone you love. This clinic will utilize the ultimate relaxation acupuncture protocol which not only feels amazing, but will prepare your body to receive future treatments on a whole new level.


(Taught by Kelsey Davis)

A low impact class designed to flow through Pilates exercises improving the body’s postural alignment and flexibility, while strengthening muscles and connecting breath, movement, and mindfulness. All workout levels welcome!

Poetry Workshop

'A Queen and her Pearls'

(Led by Ariane Cyusa)

‘A Queen and Her Pearls’ speaking magic and transformation into your life through poetry. 



(Led by Abigail Olsen)

Movement as Medicine. Come explore your Wise, Wild, and Free Self. Each week we dance out a different theme. There are no levels and no wrong way to do Qoya. Just come as yourself, and leave as more of yourself.

Ripley Effect

(Taught by Abigail Olsen)

Let your kids experience the freedom of dance, sound, movement and establish a greater respect for themselves, their bodies, and their voices in this FUN interactive class, that has no levels and no way to do it wrong. 

Sounds of the Ivory Coast

A Drumming & Dance Workshop

(With Dr. Djo Bi)

Dr Djo Bi is a world renowned African Drum Master from the Ivory Coast and the developer of the Topalon technique. This class is for all levels! Dr. Djo Bi will be reviewing basic, intermediate and advanced techniques. He will also be teaching us the Ivory Coast rhythms Zaouli, Tchatcha, Topalon and other popular rhythms. Don't miss this amazing opportunity!!!

Thirsty Thursday's

Thirsty Thursday's is an ongoing class offered on a weekly basis to meet the needs of our Community and help quench what it is we truly thirst. The 1st Thursday of the month we rotate through teachers of all subjects pertaining to Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. 

The 2nd Thursday of the month we offer a Young Living Essential Oils class from 7:00-8:00 and from 8:00-9:00 we hold space for a Community Women's Circle presented via a live webinar taught by Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pierce, the creators of Sacred, the Yoga of Intimacy, and the authors of 'The Awakened Woman's Guide to Everlasting LOVE.' Each month we rotate topics pertaining to Sacred Partnership. The 3rd Thursday of the month will be participating with the Broad Ripple Community and hosting an 'Art Walk', featuring the Art of our own practitioners, other local Artists, and the work of Visual Artist, Jheferson Saldana Valera from Peru. The 4th Thursday of the month we will rotate through teachers of all subjects pertaining to Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. 

Traditional Community Acupuncture

(With Bethany Gray)

This community style acupuncture clinic held by Indiana Licensed Acupuncturist, Bethany Gray. During this clinic you will receive a brief consultation and personalized acupuncture treatment. 

Wim Hoff Method Workshop

(Led by Christina and Troy) 

Learn how to distress, master your monkey mind and crush your fear and limiting beliefs.  Using ancient techniques that have been modernized to learn how you can become your best self! Put yourself in the expert hands of a trained practitioner to learn the how to control the mind, stress, and adapt!  We will go over Breathing Techniques, Cold Exposure & Commitment. Find out how you can utilize oxygen and cold exposure to optimize body & mind, and learn about the underlying physiology. The intimate quality allows for ample personal attention, and feedback tailored to your specific situation. Whether you are looking to improve mental or physical performance, relieve symptoms related to an illness, or are just curious to find out what the Wim Hof Method is all about— a WHM workshop offers something for everyone.

You will need:
Comfortable clothing, flip flops, swim wear, a towel, and a good attitude :)


  • If you are pregnant or have epilepsy you cannot practice.  If you have any major heart/health conditions please consult a physician before practicing.

  • This is a full sensory experience so please refrain from wearing any perfumes/colognes, essential oils, or scented skin care products.

What can I do to prepare for the workshop?
It's highly suggested to take some cold showers in the weeks before the workshop. This will allow you to know how your body reacts in the cold. For this, simply turn on cooler water at the end of your warm shower for 15 sec to start. Then gradually do it colder and longer up to 60 sec. You do not have to submerge your head.

What can I bring into the event?
Bring a light dinner or a snack. Nothing heavy. Bring water or something to drink if you like.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Troy can be reached at

This experience will be led by Troy and Christina

Troy Marchand
Life Coach and Business Mentor
Trained in Wim Hof method, transcendental meditation, and business mastermind.
Founder of Internal Bliss Coaching and Dream Revolution.

Christina Cox
Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor
Trained in Wim Hof Method, spiritualism, and business owner. Founder of Internal Bliss Coaching and Dream Revolution.  

Yoga with Barbara

Barbara Manley's Beautiful Yoga Class Monday Morning's at 10:30am to open your chakras, align your higher self with Pranyama and Restorative (love your body asanas ) with life force energy and connecting to your soul in shavasana to bathe in the light energy inside and outside.

Yummy Yin Yoga

(Taught by Tammy Bliss)

The path of Yoga, although diverse, is a set of practices that moves us out of comfort zones in our bodies and minds. As we create time for ourselves to practice more regularly, we begin to identify our moods and overall personalities as being either more introverted (yin) or outgoing (yang). Creating a practice that encourages the opposite side of our nature is a direct way to increase our overall well-being. This class invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments, tendons and muscle fascia.  The use of props encourages passive holds of mostly seated or supine (lying down) postures for a period of 2-5 minutes, allowing muscles, joints, connective tissue and fascia to release. Stretch & Release will provide you with an opportunity to go inward, finding an appropriate balance between effort and ease. 

With Yoga, we become aware of how and where we restrict our body, mind, and heart- and how to gradually begin to open and release these blocks.  As these are cleared, our energy is released. We begin to flow in our lives once we start to feel harmonious and at one with ourselves. In 1996 I found myself on my mat for the first time. My intention was to gain a strong healthy body, but what I found was that Yoga is much deeper than the physical gain. Yoga will always meet you where you are.  I have had the most profound awareness, emotional releases, and clarity on my mat. My Intention is to always practice with gratitude and love, holding space for you to approach your mat and allow Yoga to meet you where you are today. “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not to be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”-B.K.S. Iyengar

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