Claire Groshong

Nationally Certified Life Coach

I am a nationally certified Life Coach, with a bachelors in Leadership and Intercultural Studies, devoted to helping you discover your inner power to achieve your goals and grow personally or professionally. As a life coach I believe you are the expert in your own life and I am here to challenge, encourage, and keep you accountable. While life can be difficult, I don’t believe it is you that is broken or need fixed; you have everything you need to be your most empowered self already.

While I have standard coaching packages I encourage each of client to communicate any changes or alterations to a package based on their needs or wants.


Life Coaching


Free 20 minute sample session

Single Session - $100

3 Month Coaching Package: 6 (45 minute) sessions, including a 2 hour discovery session.


$720 in whole for 3 months

Community 22; OM hOMe

6516 Ferguson St

Indianapolis, IN 46220