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Cameron Coots

Human Design Specialist

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Human Design Specialist 

Human Design is called the "Science of Differentiation" or the "Science of the Aura." It explains how we are all different and how we can live happier and healthier lives when we lean into the ways that we are unique instead of trying to be what the world wants us to be. In a Human Design Chart Reading, we will cover several things: 


  • how you're designed to manifest

  • how you're designed to interact with others and exchange energy

  • your innate gifts and talents

  • your purpose

  • your vulnerabilities (a.k.a. potential wisdom)

  • how you're designed to make decisions

  • what is you and what is conditioning

  • how you're designed to eat and digest properly


In my Human Design Chart, my Incarnation Cross (my life purpose and 70% of my energy) shows that I am here to be of service to others in doing the exact thing that the Human Design System is here to do: “to reclaim or recover the joy and love that have been lost in living a homogenized, conditioned life.” (“The Definitive Book of Human Design,” 2018).

I lived my life in the lowest self-worth, chronic depression, and chronic illness before finding the answer to all these things through Human Design. In my Chart Analyses, I make sure to discuss what may be big things to “unlearn” and decondition from, as well as what to trust as being reliably you.

I was an organic farmer for almost 7 years before leaving that work to live my Design. I am passionate about meeting spiritual needs (with Human Design, meditation etc) and foundational needs (with growing food, eating right, etc) and how these two are ultimately connected. I am an endless searcher for truth, a tweaker, and a fine-tuner. I am also really silly and love to make people laugh. I live in Indianapolis with my husband, our dog, two cats, and our vegetable garden."

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