Bill Heitman

Bill practices his work as your Fairy Godfather of Wellness. As a self-renewal coach and educator, he has come to believe that self-renewal was what he'd needed all along as he battled depression, sexual addiction, an unhealthy lifestyle, and a sense of overwhelming disconnection that almost took his life. Self-Renewal are daily practices in how we show up for ourselves, the choices we make (or don’t make) to revive, remake, replenish, or resume our best selves; when they are the right practices for us, we feel them in our body, heart, and soul. What is possible for you in your self-renewal journey?

In addition to his training as an integrative nutrition health coach, massage therapist, and yoga teacher, Bill has studied multiple modalities of bodywork including Neural Reset Therapy® (a fun, gentle way to re-set the muscles in your body), completed training to be a physical therapy assistant, and become obsessed with personal development work.  After a friend received a massage a few years ago from Bill, she described feeling like fairy dust had been sprinkled from head to toe; the Fairy Godfather of Wellness came to be. 

Bill teaches and holds self-renewal workshops and support groups that you’ll find at OM hOMe. He also shares two powerful one on one practices: Self-Renwal coaching to work on diving deep into your self-renewal journey;  and Massage Meditation, the combined bodywork that he practices to help you re-connect , re-set, and explore the wisdom of your body. Bill also teaches  Original Hot Yoga, a powerfully therapeutic and effective form of yoga, locally at The Hot Room. Let’s take a journey!

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Community 22; OM hOMe

6516 Ferguson St

Indianapolis, IN 46220