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When we met Cacao, we were reminded of what falling in love means. It is not an experience outside of yourself, this alchemy happens when you meet the true essence of your soul and are reminded that it is You. As reflections in ceremony and in life this also occurs when you meet a person that shows you parts of yourself you have forgotten to love. You are that love. Cacao ceremony opens you up to that universal flow of love within you, and gently shows you the way to the purity and wholeness that you intrinsically have, are, and always have been. Created as equals our goal is to assist you in finding union, within and without. Bringing balance between your mind, body, and soul by feeding them the food of the Gods. As you drink Cacao you are filled with Magnesium, enhancing relaxation and supporting your human heart. Coupled with tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin, and theobromine, a vasodilator, you will find yourself in the sweet spot of focus, clarity, feeling alive, and connection. This medicine brings all the elements together within you, to support healing, expression, and happiness. On our own journey we don’t always know what we do, but we do it well. We hope to meet your heart with ours, embracing you, loving you, and remembering that life doesn’t have to be so serious. Come play. Come fall in love. Come learn with us. Viva Cacao, viva amor.

The Cacao we bring to you is supported by the Maya Tz’utujil tribe, the ancient gatekeepers of the Cacao plant and her spirit. These heirloom strands are sustainably grown on regenerative farms and all people in the Cacao Laboratory supply chain are supported. I, Madi was initiated as a Ceremonialist by the Cacao Laboratory group, held by Florencia Fridman. Patrick as my beloved was transformed through the process to help us find the truest expression of love between our masculine and feminine energies, inside and out. Both of our bodies and beings we feel complete this process for ourselves and for the ceremony we wish to bring to you. We are still very much on the beginning path to open deeper to love, bloom in love, and express our love. We bow to you and the codes you hold. We look forward to the co-creation between all that is holy; who you were, who you will be, and who you are in the eternal now. Amen.

Community 22; OM hOMe

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