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Are are ready to call in your best life for 2020? Are you interested in generating more positive energies to support your dreams? Do you want to let go of what isn’t working for you? 

As an energy worker, facilitator, teacher and writer I help my clients to develop the sacred energies within so they can cultivate and manifest their authentic self.  I lead Reiki and energy masterclass experiences to help clients release discomforts in their bodies and spirits, while bringing in energies to manifest their best life.  

The spiritual practices of my work are rooted in connecting with nature as a source of renewal and inspiration, while deepening flow and harmony in life. By connecting with the natural world around us we build our physical and emotional resilience, we experience a feeling of being cared for in community, we access the infinite sources of wisdom and guidance which surround us and we naturally stimulate the laws of attraction, also known as the way of yin, or the feminine, to bring  positive experiences to us. Our life becomes more joyful, fulfilling and nurturing. 

My Reiki Master lineage is four generations removed by training from Dr. Mikao Usui, founder of modern Reiki. In keeping with his tradition, I constantly seek to offer the best in experiential, sustained and shared learning experiences. 


I offer the following services at OM hOMe through my Sacred Energy and Sacred Energy Masterclass programs:



Energy sessions involve a combination of treatments which may include Reiki relaxation techniques, feminine and earth based meditation or ritual, and the calling in of help from natural allies through the use of scents, stones, or sound.


60 minute: $110

90 minute: $135


These sessions invoke the presence of the divine feminine to work with Reiki energies for your healing and opening.  I call in my feminine guides and goddess energies to lend their assistance in strengthening the healing, purification, creative and clarification energies of our time together.  I will also work with you to connect with your own goddess energy, either through your existing spiritual relationships or by connecting with a goddess oracle chosen for the session.


90 minute: $135


These Reiki sessions begin with a guided meditation or journey experiences. The experiences are listed in order of the intensity of the technique. All are deeply effective.


90 minute: $135


This Reiki session focuses on releasing a specific physical or emotional experience. It uses metaphor and a short guided meditation, followed by Reiki energies, to help heal this experience.  The meditation is gentle and effective. It is a great option for helping to release something which is causing discomforts in the body, without spending too much time on the originating experience itself. 


This is a short meditation which releases any energy or energies which may be connected to your auric field and are unwanted. I follow it up with an Ocean of Holy Love Experience which augments healing energies around you after the release. This experience is extremely effective in having a general cleansing effect.

Many experiences in our lives are the results of projection of unhealed parts of ourselves which are seeking resolution. We hold within us deep seated emotions based in past experiences or even karmic connections which attract to us events we don’t like. These experiences are attracted to us because our spirits are attempting to face and resolve uncomfortable memories which we have buried away from our consciousness, but still affect us through our subconscious. 

Through the use of guided imagery, this journey will show you an internal metaphor which will help you understand the deeper cause of a life event you would to release. Reiki energy will then guide you through a journey which will assist the healing process and the release of the causes of the current experience in your life.  

This journey can be intense and extremely healing. The shadow work can be done on issues small or large. Sometimes the small annoyances of our lives reflect much deeper experiences and can provide profound healing.  What is important for this journey is identifying something that is currently happening in your life which bothers you, and your willingness to look within and heal its source.

Reiki energy only works in love. This experience may bring to your awareness aspects of yourself you have not identified with consciously and can stimulate strong emotions. The Shadow session is followed with healing Reiki energies to infuse deep love in your system. 

This experience will stimulate core understanding of this aspect of yourself. It may provide answers and deep healing.

*Please note that the Reiki Shadow Healing Experiences can bring up deep emotions.  To help prepare for this session, I generally recommend having at least 2 Reiki Energy Healing Sessions prior to your first Shadow Healing Experience.  

Contact me for information on package opportunities for a deeper detox experience of unwanted energies in your life.  Included in this package are the Focused Healing Experience, the Energy Release Experience, the Reiki Shadow Healing Experience, a Past Life Journey Experience and multiple tools which can be used in your daily home practice to assist with separating from discomforting emotions and bringing in greater positive energy.

Explore meditative and journey techniques to clear the mind, release what is unwanted and bring in positive and powerful manifesting energies. Class involves a variety of techniques which may include visualization, mindfulness, lightwork, Reiki healing, use of mudra, mantras or shamanic postures, journal work or other artwork and / or work with essential oils or stones. Every week is different.


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